I work with 1,000 writers every day and this is what I’ve learnt about life

Content, book, story, article, blog post. My life revolves around these words and I’m thrilled about it. Being a part of the publishing industry means many things. It means you are at the heart of content. Content is indeed your currency and it’s what you are fighting for. At Juggernaut Books, it also means building a community of amateur writers through the Juggernaut Writing Platform, which I head. Every day, I interact with writers from all walks of life, working on a short story or book, and it is beyond rewarding for someone who enjoys consuming, creating and marketing content. Among many things, here are few life lessons I’ve learnt while working with first-time authors, bestselling authors and even content writers.

  1. Passion trumps skill: I can feel a lot of heads shaking, but it is true. Look around you, are the most successful people out there the most skilled or talented? No. But haven’t the most passionate people — whether they’re passionate about technology, shoes or storytelling, found a path to success? I learnt this from Neeraj Chawla, an amateur writer who got a contract from us because the editors loved his short story. He told us in an interview that the first time he wrote a short story, it sucked. He worked on the skill till his storytelling skill improved. So if you have the passion for something, you’ll find the skill.
  2. Story trumps all: The marketer in me wants to say “it’s all about packaging”, but the content lover in me can’t. Won’t. A great writer is a great thing but the story has to be worth telling. Substance is paramount. Don’t let anything fool you! A great story always finds the writer worthy of it … eventually.
  3. Success is subjective: In this social media, metric-driven world, success is the number of views your blog post received. Truth is, there are writers in the world who want to write their book and that’s it. These writers are not marketers, they are artists, telling a story that just had to be told. For some writers, completing a short story is success too! Just like that, success is absolutely subjective.
  4. We are not one thing: Dentists who moonlight as authors, software engineers with serious jobs who anonymously write erotica, housewives, and homemakers who write piercing stories of empowerment. Dentist, techie, housewife, writer — labels mean nothing. It is a wonderful wake-up call that we are not one thing, we can be many! If only we stop focusing on the limitations we put on ourselves.
  5. Vulnerability can bring out the best in us: I truly believe that at the heart of a really memorable piece of writing is the writer’s vulnerability. Even if it’s an article about ‘investing in mutual funds’. For the writer it means saying — I don’t know about this, let me learn. In creative writing, vulnerability opens a window, no a door, into who you are and allowing the world to see it. It is a strength and a gift that give rise to some of the most beautiful, life-changing things in the world. Can creativity and innovation exist without it?

You may or may not be a writer, but so much of what we do becomes a part of who we are. Could I work with writers and have a one-dimensional view of life? I think not. These are just a few happy life lessons I take with me in gratitude. How does your work inspire you? Tell me.




Content Marketer. Changing how people read & write with @JuggernautBooks. Ex-@Makemytrip, @Zoho, HarperCollins Publishers

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Natasha Puri

Natasha Puri

Content Marketer. Changing how people read & write with @JuggernautBooks. Ex-@Makemytrip, @Zoho, HarperCollins Publishers

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